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Originally Posted by Kawierider
I was under the distinct impression that in my school district (in HS) our more senior, tenured teachers got paid in the neighborhood of 75-80 K. But I could be wrong. I do know however that Tenured proffessors at the college level tend to SUCK
impression, vs. find out for sure. and find out the educational levels of those senior/tenured highschool teachers. I'm willing to bet that most, if not all have masters degrees.

as it is, with the district level emphasis (in turn pressured by the state level emphasis, and the press) on existing standardized testing, already too much of the annual curriculum is already aimed at passing the tests.

as anyone who has ever had to sit for any form of standardized test, or certification test for employment as an example can tell you, passing the test doesn't mean you have learned, or know a damned thing.

time and again, we hear how important it is for parents to be involved in their children's education, and upbringing. time and again, however, we lay the blame at the teachers for not teaching.

sorry, but teachers hands are largely tied. do you have any idea how truly difficult it is to "fail" a student these days, what with our political correctedness, you can't even use that term in k-12 anymore, it's "hold them back"...
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