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Default Discuss: Eliminate Teacher's Unions And Tenure - Pay For Performance

What if we were to eliminate the teacher's unions, eliminate tenure, and pay for performance?

And when I say "pay for performance", I mean make it possible for teachers to earn $100K a year or more in salary (and maybe more in long-term deferred compensation). The trade-off is they have to break from their outmoded system of tenure and protecting the incompetant / lazy. Essentially, be judged (and fail or succeed) like other college-educated professionals.

Obviously, defining "performance" properly is key, but it has to be a function of standardized test scores (are they delivering the goods?), graduation rates (are their retaining their "customers"?), and some kind of outcome measures (i.e. number of students succeeding in later grades, going onto college, or being employed after school). Yes, parents have a role in this, but there are statistical tools that allow that to be factored in and even localized.

Using outcome measures, a good teacher who chooses to teach in a "bad" school has the potential to make a big change - and to therefore be better compensated. One who decides to do the minimum will be paid likewise.

This would give good teachers an incentive to remain good teachers and not move into administrative positions to make more money.

It would reward great teachers.

It would motivate "on the fence" good/great teachers to develop.

It would attract more people to teaching.

It would allow the administrative ranks of the school systems to be filled with business professionals (i.e. people educated and skilled in management, finance, etc...) rather than "converted teachers" -allowing schools to be run better.

This is the Pub. Leave common sense at the door.
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