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All valid points, and as a hardcore conservative, the last thing I want to see is less local control of schools.

However, think of our gentrifying population - soon we will have more senior citizens than ever before. Property taxes are a major issue there - and it's amazing how attitudes change when people pay houses off and see the size of the tax bill and have to choose between personal quality of life and more money for schools. There's a reason Del Webb builds many of their retirement villages out in the boonies - no schools. And as we become a more mobile society, grandkids more often are distant and not in the local school district, so the "tie" to the schools is not there.

And, face it MI has a well-established track record of exempting any sizeable business from taxes to induce them to locate there. Trust me, I was heavily involved with an area school district who's largest taxpayer didn't have to. There's no state slush find to make up for that loss of revenue. "Hello citizens, in order to get this foreign-owned business to settle here and provide jobs for people who live 40 miles away, we're going to exempt them from taxes - we'll be cutting school programs, shortening the school day and raise your taxes to make up the difference". Yes, it really happened.

So, I think reliance on property taxes is not long-term sustainable.
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