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Default 1992 Ford F-150 4X4. Cheappp.

I have a 92 F150. It has 283K Miles. Yes 283K Original miles on a Original 302 which is dog ass tired. Unlike 96% of high mile vehicles my engine was not replaced with one containing only 100K 3 Months ago. The transmission was replaced when the truck had 210K with one that had 250K so its up there. Its a farm truck. Has about 32 bullet holes in the bed some are full penetration others however only go partially through. And there are about 3 in the Cab its-self. 4X4 works.... Sometimes. However when its under high stress it'll pop into N. It's been used to haul Hay, Feed, Firewood, and a Few Kegs occasionally. It rides down the road on a 4" Body lift. Now this isn't your typical body lift. It's a Lowes Bought from a Local Store 2X4 cut down and spray painted black . However the cuts are pretty clean and most of them are even. But any way it rides like a fucking tank. Literally if you are going to drive this any where with a beverage the can better be half gone or it needs to have a lid. I can include 3 or 4 of the Can Toppers. No need for a rear sliding window. Because its a full open back window from a keg making entry when it hit the mud pit. I do not believe any of the tires match to be honest. I know it has 1 33" SSR. The exhaust is completely custom. However they are true duals. One exits right under the cab. The other shoots out the back. More of a surround sound feeling. The interior smells god awful like someone took a massive full time shit inside. The front bumper is damn near useless now after taking down numerous Barns, Tress, and a Few field cars... As far as the rear goes my buddy bought 32 acres which contained a very large barn that I tried to pull down I tried tugging it a few times and it didnt budge. So we got 150' of rope and I backed up to the barn itself. Well anyway I fed the strap through the bumper and its no longer there. Half fell off and the other half is connected to the 6X6 in place of where the original bumper was. I've beat the living dog piss out of this truck. It was in a partial Passenger side rollover so the P-Side mirror is no longer there. The tailgate is there but it does not close. So its always down. Also the passenger side carpet has a very very large burn hole in it. And well its a burn. Also I do believe it has more rust then paint.

I would be happy to see 350$ out of it!

Will add more info if I can think of anything..

No pics its not worth my battery life..

Just imagine a 1992 F150 4X4.. But real shitty like
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