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Default The Democrats did it again, when no one was looking...

Thanks to all the commotion about the Arizona immigration law, The Senate passed the first step to the government takeover of the country's financial system, without anyone noticing.

You know about the Financial reform bill, don't you? The one where the fed can decide a company is going to fail, and seize the company and its assets. Then fire any of the executives or higher-ups. Then decide to how much the company can pay it's employees. And liquidate the company's assets and close the company. You know, companies like PNC Bank, Home Depot, Pfizer, Roush Industries... pretty much any business.

You know, the bill that gives Federal oversight to all institutions who offer credit to consumers, guaranteeing the Fed can decide whether your bank or credit union can give you that $500 loan so you can buy that lift kit you wanted.

Have any of you noticed there is no such thing as "No payments/No interest for 1 Year" anymore? That was the tip of the iceberg that the Fed put in place last year. Now its just "No interest" with a minimum monthly payment required. That was the Fed's baby- not Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears, Gardener White, Art Van or anyone else.

If the House passes it and Obama signs it, the Fed will control over 1/3 of the US economy.

The auto industry, health care, the financial industry, salt in your food, the Fed wants to regulate everything these days...except immigration. They don't want to do anything at all about that.

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