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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
In the scenario in the opening post the construction company is paying "under the table" indicating that they are actively participating in the fraud. I am in no way suggesting that the businessman should be punished for the illegal coming into the country, I am suggesting that the American businessman be punished for violating America's tax and employment laws. All employers in this country already have the responsibility to verify that those that are being employed are eligible to work here. If "Jose Illegal" has presented the businessman with correct looking documents and all the proper procedures are done, then no, you do not punish the businessman, for he has done nothing wrong. Presenting false documents becomes one more crime that "Jose Illegal" has committed, possibly with the help of others.

As for potential employers looking into potential employees backgrounds, they already can do that, in many cases should do that, and I believe many do do that. Most jobs I've applied to the past decade or two have you sign a paper allowing them to do that before you are given a job offer.

I read all that and missed any suggestion you have to remedy the problem you see.
However I did see where you believe employers have a responsibility to verify a person is eligible to work, but you never said if you believe this to be a law.
Got any ideas on how to fix the problem?????
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