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Originally Posted by 97xj View Post
Fact is that each of these ideas by themselves are only half of the solution.

There needs to be some equity in the punishment here. Jose needs to have the hammer dropped on him. But so does the employer that pays or hires Jose.

A crafty Jose I am quite sure can craft some pretty good docs and fool many honest employers. But there are also plenty of employers that will look at an obviously forged document and look the other way because that will give them a short term advantage over their competition... Doesn't capitalism reward those that find advantage in the market... Even if taking that advantage is illegal. Some times there are benefits to breaking the law. These benefits need to be removed from both Jose and the employer.

We do need comprehensive immigration reform in this country. It needs to be complete and at many levels. From better fences and patrols in the desert to better enforcement at the employer level.

Both will have to give to make it work...

Tell us the solution. We can all sit around singing Hope and Change songs, but nobody ever says what it will take to fix the problem.
Say something.
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