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Default D3VE heads and stock EFI?

rebuilding a 460 in an 88 F250 (not that I want to, but I have no choice now), all stock as far as the engine is concerned...I have another 460 sitting on a stand in the corner, that has the D3VE heads on it...will those heads bolt up to the stock EFI intake, and is it worth is to use them? Were there any changes to the block in that time span that would make the heads unusable with this block?
Not looking to build huge amounts of power, but if I can see a noticable gain with parts that I already have, then my feelings are that I might as well do it. If its more then just bolting them on, then I probably wont bother. I dont want to get into lots of aftermarket parts, reprogramming or replacing the ECM, etc. This rebuild has to be done on a low budget.

Truck has a C6, 205, approx. 9 inches of lift, and 38.5's...will see about equal use on and off road, pulling a trailer, etc...also may consider a cam swap, but again, dont want to get into ECM problems...any suggestions there? Obviously I'm more interested in low RPM torque then high RPM horsepower
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