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Originally Posted by jimhri View Post
"where ever two or more are gathered....."

and nowhere in that saying does it require one of the two has to be a preacher, minister, priest, rabbi, eman, monk, shaman, etc.
Yes, but it does say in the bible that the Early church met in groups of Believers. It also talked about elders and leaders with in those churches. I don't disagree with you at all. My Beef is that alot of those churches don't foster a Relationship with God. They Encourage (in a Round about way) a more shallow faith.

Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
I actually agree with LC4X, for completely different reasons. Having stale boring churches like the ones he likes will turn away more people who could then realize religion is bullshit and grasp logic and rationality.

I Do not like Stale old Churches. I do not like Shallow coffee shop churches either. I like a church that goes deep with the teachings and the people are real and not "at church". If that make sense.

I grew up in an environment that was trying to "wake up" those churches. That's what my dad does, tries to bring those churches into this century. The White hair crowd makes this extremely difficult in most situations. Unfortunately, alot of the Coffee shop churches take the younger generation because it's more appealing but they lack a Spiritual Depth that our generation needs.
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