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So Jose Illegal has committed tax and welfare fraud, made possible by an American construction company, which has violated employment and tax law. And yet many conservatives seem to think the solution is to round up the ones here and send them back and build walls in the desert to try to keep them out.

We need to step back and look at why this is happening. Quite simply, the reason people typically break laws is because in their minds the rewards outweigh the risks. For “Jose Illegal” The only real risk is dying trying to get here. If he gets caught the worst thing that can happen is that he gets thrown in prison for a few years and gets sent back home no worse off than when he came here. The reward is that he provides for his family and maybe gives them a chance at a decent future. As much as some of you seem to think that hunting illegals for sport would be a good idea you have to know that that will never happen.

But about the person that hires “Jose Illegal”? The reward for hiring illegal workers is obvious, cheap labor. If that reward outweighs whatever risks he takes in doing so then this is where the problem lies. I don’t know if it’s more of a matter of a lower likelihood of getting caught, a mild punishment if he does get caught, or a combination of the two. Until this is addressed all the other measures to keep the illegals out and round up the ones here is an exercise in futility.
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