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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
And how is this significantly different that the traditional churches that feature people reciting without thinking the same liturgy week after week, singing hymns written 200 years ago that most people don't even pay attention to or understand the words of, snoozing through a sermon that no one but the preacher understands, dropping a 20 in the collection plate, and going home and resuming their sinful lives safe in the knowledge the they are OK, because they went to church?
It's not really. Kind of. At least the Hymns are based in More solid Biblical Theology then some of the songs that churches like this sing. It's kind of a Parody. I'm not saying these kinds of churches can't be good. I just find them not to be my style. RiverView here in the Lansing Area (holt) is one of these churches and it's a Great church. Unfortunately, alot of these kinds of churches JOIN the all to common traditional churches in having Shallow Sermons and following a Clear Cut Way of going about the service. Dry, Almost Droan like, easy in, Easy out.

What it boils down to is A mixture. You need to do things to attract people to your church. The problem with this is that doing that can become the main goal. Then it becomes more about Quantity then Quality. That's why I dislike alot of churches like this. At a couple here in Lansing I can walk in and walk out with out talking to a single person. Never Noticed. The Sermons are ok but not suburb because they don't know who will be in the Pews (so to speak) the next Sunday. They have no Depth to thier ministry Because it's all about how many people they get in the door. People just don't feel valued but are awestruck at how awesome the Light show was during worship.
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