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Originally Posted by Miffy
I have no prob paying for our school systems, I guess I just feel that Its un-just because we have to pay so much do to properties we own and can not afford medical insurance. being sole business owners we have to deal with our own retirment. they are saying that you need close to a mill in savings to retire at the age of 65. Guess we will be working untill they put us in the ground...:miff:
I heard this time and again, when I worked for white lake township, in the assessing office, only it was slightly different.

it was folks being all upset, that they had to sell off their family lake front cottage after 3 generations in the family.

it's all about priorities, and/or planning. my family hasn't been fortunate enough to ever have a 'family cottage' choosing other priorities over it.


as for how much one needs to retire, I love those "they says"... :tonka:

in some respects, it's sorta like being able to afford kids. if you wait until you can 'afford them' you'll never have them.

besides, we all know that as active as you and marv are, you'll never truly/fully retire. but also, what I'm getting at, is what type/style of retirement needs to be planned out way in advance.

if one expects to eat caviar for breakfast every morning, and golf 36 holes per day at 5 star courses, then one had better have socked aside some serious cash over the years...
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