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people love to ask/point at lotto/lottery sales as "the be all/end all" for public education.

fact is, that lottery revenues are (were last time I looked into it) less than 10% of the total revenue for public education.

historically, property taxes were used, as they were one of the most stable, and predictable forms of revenue, and not just for schools, but also for your local/county government. public education has a long history of being tied hand in hand with public/governmental "services".

Some argue, that they've never been a primary consumer of public education, either through not having kids, or via sending their kids to private schools.

I personally have never been a primary consumer of our City's fire department/services, but none the less I'm glad that it's there.

for what it's worth, the voters in michigan are responsible (albiet their hand was forced by engler and his cronies) when in 1994 ya'll voted for Proposal A, and the "reduction" in property taxes, the capping/uncapping garbage, as well as the homestead/non-homestead exemptions.

This added many levels of administrative headache for each, and every taxing jurisdiction to manage, and attempt to budget/forecast against as well.
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