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Default Michigan ORV Legislation Introduced!

(My notes are in red)


To review copies of the 2010 OHV Comprehension Legislation, Go to: type in bill numbers 6159, 6160, 6161 and 6162 and they will come up. 98 pages total. Bold print identifies new language.
Please be aware, the four OHV Bills were enrolled in the House on Tuesday, May 11th, they are subject to amendments by any member of the House and concurrence of the House Committee of TOURISM, OUTDOOR RECREATION AND NATURAL RESOURCES before a House floor vote.
What is included in this summary is an overview of what is in each Bill. They will affect the sports of OHV activity for several years in the future, if not decades.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to submit.
Dick Ranney, coordinator of Michigan Motorized Recreation Council, 989 469-2405, e-mail: www: Please make Subject; 2010 OHV

We expect these bills to be voted on in the House either the first or second week of June.


All references to ORV shall now be OHV (Same as Federal)

Defines an enforcement officer and level of certification required

Defines “other road” (We had trouble with this during the Drummond ORV Route designation process)

DNRE Chief Safety instructor shall complete all nationally recognized safety training programs. (INCLUDING UFWDA's 4x4 Awareness course as administered by GLFWDA)

All OHV’s must be registered, fee is $20. for 3 years. All OHV’s will be entered into the LEIN system. $3. will go to SOS for decal, $2. for Safety Education, 4% to administration and the balance to County Sheriffs, city and municipal enforcement agencies, based upon lane miles of roadway open within their jurisdiction for OHV travel. All monies remaining at the end of the “grant cycle”, shall be placed in the Off-highway Vehicle Account.


OHV TRAIL PERMIT is not required for operation on private property

OHV TRAIL PERMIT is not required on the frozen surface of a lake, river
or stream, or for the purpose of ice fishing

Cost of TRAIL PERMIT, affective April 1st of 2011, $30.50 with adjustments made to the formula, with 50% going to on the ground efforts, 31.25% to enforcement and 24% of that going to County Sheriffs for trail enforcement efforts. A review every 5 years regarding COL adjustment and raised to the nearest dollar.

Any group of 20, or less than 75 vehicles shall notify the Department they are having an event on the trail system to coordinate with other users groups. There shall be no fee for events of 75 vehicles or less. (This is HUGE! BOTH an increase from 20 to 75 before triggering the need for an expensive Permit, AND conversion from "people" to "VEHICLES"!

To be amended, language requiring the DNRE to publish on their web-site, an annual accounting of receipts and expenditures of OHV funds. (ACCOUNTABILITY!)


There will be a Safety Training Academy for instructors. All new instructors must complete and all current instructors must be re-certified within 3 years. Cost is free to instructors. Program instructors will no longer be limited to enforcement personnel or those associated with a school of learning.

The maximum fee charged to any student for enrolling in the DNRE Safety Education program shall be no greater than $20 for classroom instruction. Parents are encouraged to sit in, free of charge, unless requesting a certificate.

DNRE shall develop a “hands on” OHV Safety Training program within 2 years.

No county or township shall charge a fee for OHV operation on their roadways.

“Roads” include any of those passing through or along Federal Land within a Township, if more than 50% funds used to maintain the road come from state or local sources.

Road closure by counties and townships reduced from 30% to 10%.

5 year sunset on PA 240 rescinded

MDOT may authorize operation of OHV’s on the highway, portion of the
highway and shoulders of the highway. MDOT shall not charge a fee for such.

Headlight and taillight not required for a permitted event

Liability relief for those doing trail maintenance

Fines increased to $250 minimum/$1,000 maximum for not wearing a helmet, lack of adult visual supervision. Including Environmental violations of section 81133, (1) (E), (I), (L), (M) or (N)

All Michigan counties given to option to open their roadways under PA 240.

Not in the bills, but playing a very important role. Prior to establishment of a proposed permit fee, there were 5 Long Range Financial Planning meetings. It was the consensus of that group, $30. Including, Safety Education cost, would enhance the program to the levels desired by the user community.

Once the permit fee is decided by legislature, financial planning can resume.


Members on the House Committee of Tourism, Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resources are:

Representative Joel Sheltrown (C) District 103,(D), West Branch
517 373-3817
Representative Jim Slezak (VC) District 50 (D) Davison
517 373-3906
Representative Kate Ebli District 56 (D) Monroe
517 373-2617
Representative Mike Huckleberry District 70 (D) Greenville
517 373-0834
Representative Steven W. Lindberg District 109 (D) Marquette
517 373-0498
Representative Mike Simpson District 65 (D) Jackson
517 373-1775
Representative Woodrow Stanley, District 34 (D) Flint
517 373-8808
Representative Jim Stamas (M-VC) District 98 (R) Midland
517 373-1791
Representative James “Jase” Bolger District 63 (R) Marshall
517 373-1787
Representative Goeff Hansen District 100 (R) Hart
517 373-7317
Representative Kenneth B. Horn District 94 (R) Frankenmuth
517 373-0837
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