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Originally Posted by Tomahawk715 View Post
Without a photo id to confirm that how ya gonna know--I mean I know my brothers info--and we have same physical description.

Just dont think people who are jaywalking or dont have their seatbelt on--"who cant prove their legal status" should be carted off to jail.

Again just playing devils advocate here--I dont believe in welfare or the myriad of public programs we have.

I also believe if 100 russians a day were streaming over the bering strait there would be people screamin for the military to be sent up there to shoot them---just dont like the slope upon which we are treading.

Enforce the laws on the books--and set up a zone like they have between north and south korea--and defend it.
You would get carted of to jail for that now. Get a seatbelt ticket and don't show Your ID and They will take You to jail till they prove who You are now.
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