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Originally Posted by cglenn View Post
The problem with that scenario is, I have to ask a lot of questions to the customer whether or not I want to, because it is protocol. The system I work with sucks, it wants to know every little detail for the car you have.
Normally though if you walked into my store and asked for a 1310 u-joint, I would interchange the number if I had to, which would bring up a list of parts my store has that match that 1310, or otherwise I'd walk to the back and just grab that part.
Perfect scenario for that: two days ago a customer walks in with a broken belt. It's a Napa belt, and I interchanged the numbers and came up with nothing. I asked him if there was a specific vehicle this went on, he said no. So we walked to where the belts were, I picked him out a belt based on eyeballing the size. We walked up to the front, I rang it up, and he said that belt was too expensive and see if I had any other cheaper belts. I interchanged the numbers, found him a belt we had that was 1/4th the price and sent him on his way.
Turns out this belt he needed for his bike, he put a weedwacker engine on his bike and snapped the belt.
Kinda like the difference between the auotzone and advance here. plus the napa, carquest, and the "other"one (idk wtf it is). even the cookie cutter advance people know their stuff. the autozone is a very last resort as far as im concerned.
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