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I don't know that many educated people refute what the bible says from a historical perspective, at least not all of it. What is disputed is that it is "inspired" writing, inspired by God and therefore entirely accurate. That has been proven incorrect time after time yet people still believe in it. What I think most readers need to keep in mind is that there is a generation (at least) between what was written and the events depicted. Furthermore, the Catholic church decided which of the scrolls were actually included in the bible and VERY few have access to the excluded texts which could directly contradict what was accepted.

My problem with the Bible is that we change it every decade or more so that it reflects our society's beliefs. Slavery was a common topic of early American bibles. All of the major characters had them in the old testament. Today's bibles talk about "servants" and "hands". By 2020 gays will no longer be excluded from the ranks of Christians.

Did you really mean to source The Sun magazine? Don't they claim to have pictures of Oprah's gay alien baby?
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