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Originally Posted by Mr Toes View Post
If you don't believe in the bible or god or Christianity and then proof of what is in the bible is discovered and scientifically proven.

I know that every six months or so someone makes this claim, but what happens if or when science verifies what is written in the bible.

This has already happened with the discovery or what was called a giant species of man. The bible tells of giants as far back as Genesis, so when scientists discover the same thing the bible already says existed doesn't that give credibility to the bible as being accurate.
I believe that yes, it should be credible and accurate as to what the bible says if scientifically proven to be accurate. According to the material found it was dated to be around the time of the flood(4800 years). Christians would believe it but nonbelievers would rule it out and make up one thing or another as to not give credit were credit is due.
It reminds me of the story of Lazerus and the rich man in the bible. wanting to return to his brothers and warn them that hell is real and they need to be told. Jesus told him that they would still not believe. God has given us enough evidence to see Him in everything we do and see. Some will see it and others will not see or believe.
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