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Originally Posted by jamiesann
anyone who doesnt believe in sterotypes i challenge them if they have kids to let a creepy single dude to babysit their kids. I challenge them to let any dude baby sit their kids. Its unlikely he is a molester, but so many more men are predators than females (or seem to get caught) i dont think there would be many takers. No matter how unlikely it is, its not worth the risk. Same with profilling a guy with a swatika tatoo on his forhead outside the parking lot of the jewish community center, or a angry looking arab dude in line to get on the plane. I say profile 'em ! if its a situation to end badly. Better safe than sorry. Some folks are telegraphing there next move and your dumb not to pick up on it, and act accordingly.
This is the thing that gets me so frustrated about some of my colleagues and even some of my friends.

Background: F lives in a 100K neighborhood with WT, darker folks, junkies, high school dropouts, blue collar workers, and starter home families. The aquaitences live in 250K neighborhoods with white, college educated, professionals.

They have the gaul to get upset when I claim that living in a multicultural, multi-educational level, multi-blah-blah-blah neighborhood isn't that great. Go figure. They surround themselves with people that are just like them. I challenge them all the time to live in my neighborhood for a week and see if they still think as PC as they did the week before. No takers yet. At any rate I think most people who preach about the evils of stereotyping and profiling probably do both, they are just more discreet.

Living your life believing stereotypes to be stedfast truth is a foolish. Blindly ignoring your gut intinct so you can be PC is equally foolish.
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