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Originally Posted by Grandman
When the Injuns have another uprising nail there ass too

I think they know better.

Originally Posted by biohazardbill
However a racial stereotype is mainly based on ignorance. Like in the example above about Mexicans... most live together here because their families are in Mexico still and it makes it cheap to live here. Then in Winter layoffs etc they go back to Mexico with the money saved... most people don look at the reasons people do what they do.

Why is it ignorance? If I made a comment about lazy blacks living in ghettos is that ignorant? I see it daily when I'm working. If you have time to sit on your porch with your 40 you have time to trim the weeds you call a lawn out of your gutters.

As for the Mexican comment, what about the ones that pack 15 or more of them into a 2 bedroom(4 person) apartment. Just because it is cheap doesnt make it less true does it? Or legal. But if I say that I am stereotyping, and that is supposed to be bad.
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