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Default transmission problems, 01, 1500

Just got an 01, 1500 with 5.9L 4x4 and quad cab, 127,000K
The auto trans shifts from 1 to 2 OK but sometimes going 2 to 3 it may not shift unless you lift off the gas a little, then it will shift. won't shift into OverDrive at all. You can go over 3000 at 70mph and it won't shift up. The OD button seems to work, goes on to cancel OD and goes off to put OD back on.

Any ideas what this is?
I just bought a Chrysler shop manual so I may have an idea of what I'm getting into, if it's possible to do a solenoid or something. Otherwise, we got it cheap enough to pay for a reasonable fix.

If it needs a complete teardown, has anyone put in a shift kit or modified a trans? Otherwise, LKQ has a salvage trans for about $1000
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