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Cool 1994 Ford F250 4X4 Heavy Duty $1200

My dad is selling one of his work trucks. Only used to haul a trailer for the summer months as it is a seasonal business that shuts down for the winter.

It's a:

1994 Ford F250 single cab XLT 4x4 Heavy Duty, long bed (8ft.)


It has around 166K on it.

Purrs like a kitten... runs great!

Has the fuel injected 460/ auto trans with push button overdrive/ manual shift 4wd t-case. (Not sure what came in these HD big block trucks)

Front is the ifs or whatever it's called when the front axle pivots in the middle. Looks big... maybe a dana 60 or 50?

Rear is big... probably a sterling??? Not 14b or dana axle. Only thing I could read on the tag was I think a 4L1010 23L11 51322 (I could have misread a couple here) ??? You could look up the vin# maybe if needed.

Has heavy duty leaf springs and can carry a super heavy load. Seriously we have loaded it full of concrete and it still doesn't budge much.

Power windows, locks, steering, ac, sliding rear window, roof lights, trailer brake control, trailer plug for electric brakes, am/fm tape deck, folding bench seat, bedliner, ect

Has a one year old class five hitch rated for 12000 lbs towing capability when using a weight distribution setup.

Has one year old frame mounted spring hangers installed in the rear.

New rear tank and pump last year.

New water pump.

Rebuilt fuel injectors at Kinsler fuel injection in Troy.

New fuel regulator.

New brakes all around last year.

Newer battery

newer alternator

New belt last year

New starter last year

New shifter column last year.

All New steering linkages/ tierods/ draglink ect. with fresh allignment last year.

Oil and other fluids changed/checked regularly.

Newer exhaust/ cat.

Tires 2 newer, 2 good tread. Meaty All terrain type and heavy weight rating!

I believe it had new rear axle outer seals installed last year.

Probably more.

Just DOT Certified last season. So it was thoroughly checked out and passed!

16x7 steel wheels with hubcaps.

133" Wheelbase

Dont' know if these mean anything, but:

Trans code: E

Body code: D64

Axle Code: L5

Springs code: 65F

Type: F268


Now for the problems:

My dad is selling it cheap due to it needing a new head gasket supposedly (says local shop). Reason being it just started to overheat somewhat and was taken right in to Ford Dealer, then local shop. Ford dealer put on new fan clutch, then water pump... didn't solve it. Than taken to local shop and they stated maybe a head gasket?? He doesn't want to put any more money into it at the time, just want's to get a new truck with ext. cab for more room for crew anyways.

Transfercase linkage may need re adjusting, or t-case or front auto hubs may need something done to it. The 4WD did work at one point, but now doesn't seem to engage into 4. It was really never even used in 4wd as there was no need. It was not driven in the winter or off road for the work we do, so it was never tinkered with. May be a easy fix! Works fine in 2wd so that's all we needed.

It's a work truck, so it's not the prettiest, is somewhat dirty and has some rust on places as well as some sealcoat spots here and there.

Doesn't come with the tool box.

Probably will come with the cool font mounted spare and pink race stripe though!

He want's $1200 cash. No haggling! Take it or leave it.

PM me to come check it out.

No trades unless the cost of this is going towards a nice new truck or maybe some cool NICE SHAPE sealcoating/ asphalt maintenance equipment ( big blowers, asphalt compactor, hot rubber crack-filling machines, ect.

EDIT (Sat. April 24th) :

It will run and drive just fine to take with you. Not sure how long it may take to overheat, so if you don't feel comfortable driving it home... I may consider using my AAA towing card for you to tow up to 100 miles for free. I will have to check on that for sure though.

PICS are below
\/ \/ \/

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