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born and raised catholic...

nothing like being 4 years old being told your a sinner who is going to hell for sins you havent committed.

that being said i have not been to church since high school (catholic school) and dont plan on going anytime soon.

My finace and I went in to see about getting married in the perish close to our house and the priest there was such a fucking pompus fukc wad that i coulda punched him in the face. He suggested that we were getting married because she might be pregnant (she is not) and that we should wait untill the baby was born just to make sure it had "all its toes" (suggesting that people who have premarrital sex or sex out of wed-lock are more prone to have retarded babies). He then went on a little speel about the black community and how they are the problem with society today.

is all i heard for the next 20 mins and i just looked at pictures on the wall (being obviously uninterested).

That pretty much has been my experience with the "catholic" dogma since i can remember.

Scare tactics etc. are such a lame attempt/move to get anyone with any sort of brain to follow you.

I wanted to tell this fukc to his face that i once got a girl named Mary pregnant and gave her an abortion with a poopy candy cane. I walked out and am probably never going to go back.

I live with some sort of catholic guilt everyday due to being around the catholic "teachings" for so long. Some of that stuff gets (teachings of morality) stuck in your being, so i think i will for ever be a Recovering Catholic.
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