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Default Checking for a good weld

Any professional welders give advice for visual checking a weld?

I'm running a job at our shop and because of some weld failures from the last supplier (along with fit problems), we won the job, but I don't want a single failure from us.

Aside from destructive testing, do you think its possible to accurately check a weld visually?

The welds I'm putting on now, (robotic welder) I set it as high as I could go without blowing through the metal (only .075 thick). The back side of the weld would glow bright red while welding. After a weld, the back of the area has a scale on it, I'm assuming is the metal de-carbing from the heat.

Now destructively, these welds are strong, I tore the metal next to the welds right off. Visually looking at the backside, can I use that grey scale buildup as a sign of good penetration, or not? Its a sign of heat, but what about penetration? Would that go hand in hand?

We hand welded the first 100 and I had to TIG repair about 40 of them because visually, the back of the welds didn't look like they got hot enough, so I hit it again with a bit of filler.

This picture shows how the robotic welder is set right now, sorry, no back side shot, can't get in there. I'm running a bead straight down, then I come back on itself at the end to add filler and keep from blowing out the edge.

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