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Originally Posted by Kodiak450r View Post
then why do marriages have a roughly 50% success rate nowadays?
Because 50% of the time people don't fully understand what it is. The Rates are growing because, IMO, our culture is more self centered then ever before.

Originally Posted by RyeBread View Post

in part, some text that may be pertinent to you:
In Theory They started out as just Cohabiting. I guess. But then We decieded we couldn't handle staying with one person, And we haven't been able to prove that wrong since.

Originally Posted by ovrlnd View Post
well marriage is a team effort. when selfish people get married it usually ends in divorce i have seen this happen in person more times than i care to admit. i would think it best that those people should not get married as when they split is usually affects a child unfortunately.

when you and a spouse are able to operate as a team to achieve mutal goals its a great thing. most people will say that a marriage is 50/50. while that is true, the percentage will always shift. when your wife is ill you pick up the slack. when you work late for a week she picks up the slack.

expect the occasional disagreement too. to expect that two people living in the same home aren't going to have a clash of opinion once in a while is unrealistic. it happens.
Great way of putting it.

Marriage is about Sacrificing your Desires so that you can make your Spouses life better. In turn, they should be doing that for you. If they don't though, That's not an Excuse to not hold up your end of the deal.

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13

^^ My Experience.
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