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Originally Posted by Kodiak450r View Post
do you think that 2 people must get married or is it acceptable to continue dating for long periods of time? me and the gf had a major fight the other day and it sparked my curiosity on what other people thought about marriage in general.

my though is that marriage is stupid, outdated, has a 50% failure rate, and is a religious tradition that doesn't fit modern society IMO. i for one am not religious and do not believe in any god, or any higher power or whatever else people believe in these days.

what marriage to me means is a piece of paper that legally declares i'm with someone, and a ring on your finger that tells other people that your taken. you don't need paper and an expensive ring for that...
well marriage is a team effort. when selfish people get married it usually ends in divorce i have seen this happen in person more times than i care to admit. i would think it best that those people should not get married as when they split is usually affects a child unfortunately.

when you and a spouse are able to operate as a team to achieve mutal goals its a great thing. most people will say that a marriage is 50/50. while that is true, the percentage will always shift. when your wife is ill you pick up the slack. when you work late for a week she picks up the slack.

expect the occasional disagreement too. to expect that two people living in the same home aren't going to have a clash of opinion once in a while is unrealistic. it happens.
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