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Originally Posted by Kodiak450r View Post
do you think that 2 people must get married or is it acceptable to continue dating for long periods of time? me and the gf had a major fight the other day and it sparked my curiosity on what other people thought about marriage in general.

my though is that marriage is stupid, outdated, has a 50% failure rate, and is a religious tradition that doesn't fit modern society IMO. i for one am not religious and do not believe in any god, or any higher power or whatever else people believe in these days.

what marriage to me means is a piece of paper that legally declares i'm with someone, and a ring on your finger that tells other people that your taken. you don't need paper and an expensive ring for that...
Marriage works, IMO. I believe that the "paper" you get should be called something like a Union or something and the Term marriage should be left to the "Religious" folks. The Government should keep it simple. And Even though I don't agree with Gay Marriage it would make those guys happy too. Basically, If they want to get a marriage then be a man and a women. If you want the same Benefits of a "marriage" then get a ______. IMO of course.

That being said, I don't think Gay marriage is right, but I'm also a Christian. It's not a natural thing, it's just a lie and is perverse. Also, if it were genetic then there would technically only be a "Bi" Gene because the Homosexual gene has no way of reproducing. that and there would be no Evolutionary advantage to it. If you believe in Evolution (Not me), The Mutations that are only beneficial to the Creature are kept. Homosexuality seems like it would be a dead end....In that way.

Cliff Notes = One man + One Woman = Marriage.

One man/Woman + One Man/Woman = _____?
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