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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
That's what I was kind of getting at. Weather you can or not is not my question. I want to know why you would subject your back (and other parts of your body) to that form of abuse when you obviously had some form of ramp or something to get it on the truck. It screams "Hey look at me!"
You obviously have not tried to back a bike down a ramp. Even if you have a nice wide aluminum one, this method is still 100% easier. Plus, you are not lifting the entire weight of the bike. you simply support some of it. ideally you tip the bike a bit to make it easier to grab the left bar grip and get some momentum and essentially just let it fall, but my then the front tire is just clearing the tail gate.

Faster, and easier then the ramp method without the hassle. Simply for reference, I was weighing in at 140 lbs and did this with 200lb dry weight bikes, no problem. Also, At the time, I most likely could not have bench pressed 100lbs. Again, you are not dead lifting the bike. If you dont believe me, try it yourself.

I also, leaded it without a ramp, also very easy, and you dont have to cart a ramp around with you all the time.
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