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My 4x4 is a Subaru.
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Originally Posted by Chiefwoohaw View Post
The mpgs and that was your main reason for buying a "small" truck. I don't think you bought what you wanted. I really don't think you'll get as high as you hope. I don't know what the gross weight of that dakota is but I would think it's atleast 600lbs more then the s10/ranger.

Let us know.
Whatever I was going to end up buying would have been around 3-4k$ (but still probably in worse shape or gazillion miles), by picking this up in good shape (the things that matter) I have saved 2k$ which could potentially buy a lot of gasoline. The amount that I'll probably end up driving it will make it not matter anyway. The important thing is that we got my wife out of her 18 mpg explorer and into into a 28 mpg Subaru. She drives over 100 miles a day. I don't have to drive to get to work.

I did some major scrubbing, polishing and vacuuming yesterday and today:

You can polish a turd, but it's still a turd. :) The interior is pretty nice and it runs great, so that's all I'm concerned about. My wife isn't as excited about it as I am, she thinks it looks like crap

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