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Originally Posted by thrca View Post
My biggest issue is the mandated health insurance portion of the bill. People relate it to auto insurance, however I can choose not to have auto insurance by not having a car. I can only choose not to have health insurance by death.

Auto insurance is forced upon us the same as the health insurance crap. At one time we didnt need to have auto insurance to own and drive a car. Some asswipe figured they could make $$ buy forcing us to carry insurance.

How many times have you used your insurance for something that you could have paid cash for if you saved your insurance premiums? How many times have you made a big claim that it actually paid off?

Why cant we go without auto insur and pay the bill if something happens? The term for that would be personal responsibilty. I know it is something people dont grasp anymore.

Just because we are forced to carry "X" insur does not mean it is right. They both have been forced on us by a greedy government that are going to remain unaffected by both.
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