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well if you are going to start a physical revolt, the best and most efficient way to do so is with mass blanket propaganda. If it were me I would begin to flood the media with pictorial messages of our oppressive government with an organization linked to a new american revolution as the sponsor. If these ads were linked to the gop they would lose credibility so you have to keep them out of it and to a certain extent show them as no souled bribe takers.

propaganda, serious propaganda works best in phases.

phase one could focus on business' closing due to increased taxes, showing civilian unrest and people looking for answers.

phase two kicks it up a notch. a well directed advertisement of agents arresting a father in front of his family for not purchasing the required health care and being dragged off. you could easily end this one with a little girl asking her mother "mommy, what was it like to live in a free country?"

Phase three. turn the everyone on them. a series of visuals showing illegals being rounded up and detained, mass refugee centers with lots of homeless huddled around barrels and top it off with a comparison to communist squalor. flash connections to effigial obama, reid, pelosi and the like standing over mass graves of middle and upper class bodies. increase these by adding portrayal of government agents illegally entering homes shooting the family dog and seizing children for reeducation.

support these ads with mass printed media and voila. the people will turn on them in no time at all. whether you doubt me or not, political propaganda is an area I have studied greatly. it was one of my main focus' in college. it's amazing and powerful stuff. the best part is that since so many americans are poorly read, illiterate or simply just too lazy to do the research themselves a propaganda scheme would be very effective.
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