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Originally Posted by Stan View Post
This is something that is really bothering the hell out of me.
I've always done "okay" over the long run with my money. But now I have no idea.

Yes gold is always an option and I have quite a bit in it already, but I don't know what else to do and my broker doesn't seem to confident in much of anything either.

Housing hasn't bottomed yet.
Commercial loans haven't really started yet.
Government flood gates are just starting to open with coming tax increases.
I don't have much of a rosy outlook on things right now.
This is why you have no credibility and nobody takes you seriously.

1st if you where really serious about the market you would never take the advise of a broker. That's a person who wants you to make trades and probably has no investment in the market, he makes money when you change your position.

2nd gold is an option, if you look at gold historically you'll find that in the early 80s gold actually went over $1000.00 an ounce on the futures market, the other thing is when they (brokers and the media) start talking about gold at $2000.00 its a good indication it might be ready to take a shit. Remember when they started talking about $200.00 a barrel oil it fell from $140.00 to under $50.00.

3rd Housing hasn't bottomed but you don't always get the exact low, and it all depends on the reason and type of investment you plan on.

And finally, you never said if I posted a closer skin color to Obama than black.

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