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Originally Posted by MetalOne21 View Post

wow took long enough

so heres what happened-

so i'm driving to my friends house in ah, and while waiting at a redlight
i see a squad make a right and pull past me(at this point i knew i was getting pulled over) so i go a to make a left to turn into my friends driveway, and sure enough the cop turns on his lights

at this point i pull out my lic & insurance card, he comes walking up says you bryan *****? to which i reply yes, and he then asks me a few questions, then he tells me to come back to his car and look at the computer where he showed me what comes up on the cop computer when he types in my name.

so hes asking me about previous arrests and i'm explaining what happened, how much cannabis and what not, he then goes on to tell me how "over here in ah if we were to catch you with that small of an amount we'd just let you pour it out next to the road. whats the worst that could happen? grow a few pot plants in someones yard?" and he said it in a way that was like- over here in ah we're to big to worrie about all the little shit, which pretty much confirms what i said before about the cops not giving a shit...

so at this point we're laughin and what not, and he still hasnt really said why he pulled me over, but all i know is that was the nicest cop i've dealt with.

and the only thing that changed was that wonderful phone call hombre was so kind to make
If You have that much contact with the cops . it's only a matter of time before they catch You doing something .

They are watching You not trying to be your friend. thats how they get You to tell on Yourself and use it agianist You. It seems like You think your scarface.
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