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Originally Posted by Icemanii
Some of the parts that the song left out were these. They didn't sing about LCPL Tiny Parker, who was wounded from close range by vietcong machine gun fire. His body was pinned down in the open, and used like bait by the VC, who sniped and shot at, anyone who tried to help him. Private Peter Gibson was wounded by machine gun fire from less than 15 meters away while trying to advance during the fight. Wounded, he continued fighting to keep his machine gun from falling into enemy hands, until he could fight no more. Sgt Fawcett tried to reach Gibson and was turned back each time by the heavy enemy fire that would stitch Gibsons body.
The company made a withdrawal as darkness fell, and artillery support began hitting the area. They had several intense firefights on the way out, and were unable to retrieve the bodies of Parker and Gibson.
They were forced to leave their fellow soldiers behind, something they had to live with.

'Nuff said, sorry I hijacked your thread.
Iceman, you arent hijacking anything....I knew the discusion of the song would lead to more, thanks for posting that.

Romey, I understand why that means something to you............and the Kris K. intro of that song is great.
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