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Originally Posted by schweeb View Post
Also, I am very much not homosexual, but you believe what you want. Your opinions really mean nothing to me.
Green here:

Homo or not: I will allow people to come to their own conclusions as to which.

Ohh man, your not ripping on my grammar again are you!?!?!?!? OHHH PLEASE STOP!! I cant, I mean I can't handle it!!!!!!

So, its ok for you to take pot shots at my girl friend but when it comes back to you, you get all upset? Well guess what? FUCK YOU you pussy. I am being an e-thug? Again, please say the same things to me in person when we do finally meet and we will see if it is e-thug or sincere anger. I am sure i am not theonly one who would stand up for their girl friend, but again I dont expect you to understand that. Rag on my spelling, grammar all you want. WHO GIVES A fukc ??? Actually my spelling and grammar is well above average but again who gives a fukc ? Also, sorry my girl friend is not to the level of computer nerd that you obviously are. She doesnt spend her days evaluating internet browsers, smart phones and fixing viruses. She has a real life outside of cyber world. You must feel real good about yourself with your proper spelling and knowledge of all things digital. You would be better off just leaving this thread because the more you post the more it is obvious that you are a no life homo. Maybe you have never sucked a D but I am sure you have had at least one in your mouth.

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