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Originally Posted by schweeb View Post
Your friend Mr. Green had to resort to equating intelligence to success. There is no direct correlation between the two. Although, I have both. His girlfriend is definitely lacking in at least one of those departments.
Mr.Green again:

Sure, there is no correlation between intelligence and success. Especially in a field like engineering. Yes, sucking some D can get you places, but the rungs on the D sucking ladder only go so high but your not to that rung yet so just keep on doing what your doing. Yup, you keep listening to what your Mom tells you, she is RITE. Size doesnt matter either and its not if you win or loose its how you play the game. I feel bad for you, it is impossible for you to hide your Homo-ness even on the interweb. Since when do you date a girl for her intelligence or her success anyway? I know its hard for someone like you to understand that yet alone be honest with ones self. Its ok, the world need all types. Ditch diggers, homos, spelling champions and everything else you have to offer. Seriously, this is fun and all but you are full of "not win".
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