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Originally Posted by MetalOne21 View Post
ROFLMAO... ok there is so much wrong with that i dont know where to start...

lets see 1st i dont live in the "ghetto"(which was previously established but you'd rather say what you have to say than read, which i doubt you can do well)

second given how much time said "guys" (aka. fat mofo's) spend on this site i cant imagine their gettin much hot tail... more likely some burtha

third...(even tho you cant read all this given a whole lifetime)
i dont hit up dem white bitches, they're scandalous

and forth as i've said before and i'll say again do the world a favor huh?


sound good?
Actually, I can read. Quite well actually, and for YOUR sake, I read the whole thread. All 12 pages (I have my view set to view as many posts as possible per page) of it.

Why don't you go ahead and check out the "Wives & Girlfriends thread" while your at it. Almost every one of these "Fat Mo-Fo's" has posted a picture of their significant other.

If you don't hit the "white trash", then how exactly did your "white trash ex" get pregnant with your kid you've been talking about? Some kind of medical breakthrough that we are all unaware of? You didn't hit her, but she carries your kid. That's Jesus shit right there.

oh and as for STFU'ing. Take your own advice. I used more punctuation and capital letters in this post alone, than you have used in this entire thread.

Originally Posted by MetalOne21 View Post
hey i got a buddie with a busa that runs low 7's



he's a pilot
This is going to turn in to a "My daddy can beat your daddy up" thing. Guess what shitbrick? Nobody cares about what your friends (whom are probably on the payroll nonetheless) can do, and what they have. If you would like to play that game, there are several people on this board who own offroad shops, and I'm sure have "friends" that own performance shops, that could blow all of your inbred hillbilly ghetty whatever clique you are claiming friends, out of the water at any time of day.

So please... move along.
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