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Originally Posted by farm_boy
OK, I bought a 91 chevy 1500 with 350, but I have oil leaks. For one the intake; how do I go about fixing it, for two I put it in 4x4 and the universal joint fell off, hit the oil pan and put a hole in it. I have a new oil pan but should I just pull the engine or do an in frame repair?
fixed it

I would pull it. I've never done an oil pan in a later Chebby, but I've pulled a few engines. I don't think there's enough room between the crossmembers and the pan to make it a nice job. I'd rather pull it and clean it up on a stand.
The Intake can be fixed by pulling it off, cleaning it very well, and then re-installing. Use RTV on the endrails in place of the little rubber or cork gaskets. Put a 1/4-3/8" bead on the ends, let it dry enough to get a 'skin' on it, then smear a little bit of rtv on the intake side. The rtv will stick to itself. The large bead that you have let dry a little will not squish out after you let it dry for a while and will take up the gap that's on the intake ends. (that's where the leak is likely coming from. That's why I like doing it on a stand. You can make it a perfect job, and then drop it in.

On the oil pan, don't use too much RTV. You'll cause more problems than you want to deal with. Use a THIN bead on each side, depending on the type of gasket, and what the instructions tell you. If you use too much RTV it can squish into the pan, and clog your oil pump pickup. Not good.

Good luck.

Also, I don't know what style distributor seal that those engines use, but I know some use a little black o-ring on the shaft. Those get hard, crack, and leak. I'd get a new one, and then also use an old style SBC dizzy paper gasket too. Then you definitely won't get a leak there.
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