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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
I'll be working forever. I never worked anywhere where they handed me a pension.

Originally Posted by Icemanii View Post
Then why the hell are you whining about no jobs?

And Politicians don't really count in the working world, they do nothing.

Originally Posted by winters98tj View Post
Wouldn't Washington finally passing the new Healthcare Reform straighten out the upside down insurance costs for the retirees? thus allieving the INSURANCE costs making it more cost efficient to not "Work well past retirement age"?. Man, I did not plan on becoming disabled at my age but I am glad that I contributed to retirement plans (2) while I made hay while the sun shined.

This wasn't a simple bash the "old" thread. Well maybe it was in the point that they didn't Plan for their retirement as well as they could have. Is that your fault? my fault? Let's just be honest and place the blame where it belongs.
Originally Posted by winters98tj View Post
Not just business there... what about Politicians? or answer this: Do you want 65 year old fireman or police officers? How about E.M.T.'s? I am not saying they are worthless or not intelligent from their life experiences....I am asking why not let the next generations move in to do the same. Younger people are not all the A holes that other posters seem to think they are. There are enormous amounts of people that are worthwhile and more vital.

Hey this was just a simple rant and a few simple bullet points. I kind of like that this thread must have ignited some reaction. Call it my first real pub experience. Hey you never know we could actually continue this over a beer someday.
Hell yeah I'd want the "old" guy that knows what he's doing rather than some cocksure youngster who is wet behind the ears. So you want to just give the next generation the jobs? What about making them earn the jobs? If the next gen is so good they will outshine the old guys and take the positions away based on merit not on entitlement.

What about the fact people are living longer? Should that just be ignored and the retirement age stay the same no matter how long people live?

If you have worked hard and earned your early retirement by providing a valuable service or product at a fair price, then good for you. If however you made your money by "investing" on the stock market or other such legalized gambling, then keep in mind that for you to profit someone else had to loose. All the old guys you are bitching about just might be the loosers that funded your early retirement and must keep working to fund theirs too.

But wait, what did you say? You did not plan on becoming disabled? Are you living on the taxpayers or the insurance company's dime and bitching about other people working into their "golden" years???
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