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Originally Posted by ovrlnd View Post
you win a ride in the douche canoe.

"youth is so wasted on the young"
ignoring the wisdom of the elderly is what has fucked up our nation.

I will and have continued to hire people older than me (37) for the simple reason that they have ethics, a desire to produce, prompt, don't give bullshit excuses, have respect and know what it means to work for a paycheck.

no longer will I hire young fucking kids except to clean the bathroom. they are so filled with and expect to show up on friday to get a check after calling in sick all week. I have tried many a time to hire new grads, younger kids, etc. to give them a chance. you know what, they always fukc it up.
if you are losing your job opportunities to older folks, go blame your parents and yourself, not them.

sorry but the young kids of today simply don't want to hear the truth about what a bunch of fucked up lazy wasted sperm they and their parents are.
Hey now, I'm 17 (started working at 13) and working 40-50 hours a week as a housekeeper (which is HARD work, whether people believe it or not) in the summer and on the weekends during school. I have also won employee of the month, just FYI. Not to mention I do seasonal maintenance for people to pick up some extra cash.

I'm not saying I'm the hardest working person ever, and there are pople who have harder jobs than me that put in longer hours....such as my dad who was doing 60-85 hour weeks for 3 months last year. He's a hotel and reastaurant manager and a damn good, hard working one at that. My mom is also extremely hard working pickin up extra shifts every chance she gets. Saying my parents' genration is a bunch of lazy shits is a little over the edge. HOWEVER, I will agree that 95% of MY genration is a bunch of lazy shits who think they should be entitled to everything.

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