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Originally Posted by winters98tj View Post
you win a ride in the douche canoe.

"youth is so wasted on the young"
ignoring the wisdom of the elderly is what has fucked up our nation.
:p oke:

ok politics and business aside answer me this: Would you rather have a 67 year old surgeon perform your surgery or a 40 year old that has kept up with the latest methods?
would you rather learn from a 70 year old teacher who hasn't been in college for 50 years or a 35 year old that is concerned with continuing their education and training to do their job as effective as possible?
Either way you won't win this fight. This thread will go on and on.
People will argue that they'd rather learn from someone old due to their experience level. It has nothing to do with the new technology or advances of what they want to learn. They'll figure it out on their own.
I don't like competing for a job with elderly people as much as the next person, but you just have to deal with it. I personally have no idea what I'm going to do with my career but oh well, I'll figure it out.
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