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Originally Posted by winters98tj View Post
It is highly amazing to me that:
a. I never used any gutter style language in my posts---yet those that do cannot express their opinion without it.
b. No one here can give any credence to the points that what have any OLDER RICH People in elevated positions gained by staying around "too long" that has benefitted the masses?
c. This opinion is no different than bellybuttons......Everyone has one,their own is OK, but others are not.

Do you think that Kennedy, Dingell, or the Levin's really get anything done in Washington? Maybe some youthful exuberance like yours would and could move things along at a faster pace.

Just my 2 cents......
you cannot seem to distinguish between elected governors and successful free market business owners. you are interchanging them which is a failed comparison.
dingell and levin get voted in on name recognition alone. the people elected him. if they don't like it then they need to get off their collective asses and vote them out.

complacency breeds corruption.

if my vulgar language offends you, too fucking bad. intelligence is not being able to throw a bunch of fancy words out there to belittle others, but being able to talk with many people on a common level.
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