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Originally Posted by winters98tj View Post
is it just me? or is anyone else fed up with the elders of our country kind of messing the country up? Let me explain:

Does it not seem odd that we have so many politicians and CEO's and other business leaders that continue to work past what is/was considered the normal age of retirement? Dingell,Levin's,Patterson,as politicians;Ceo's of Home Depot,General Electric, CBS; hell,look around where you work and see if this isn't true there. Too many people above age 60 still working because they "can't afford to retire"?

Is it that they can't afford to retire or they want to make more money?Is it "greed"? How much money do these people need? Many of them have more money than they could possibly spend or truly need.

Did they not take advantage of the good times to put a little away for their golden years? I know times are hard now, but in a career we all have had some drastic ups and downs financially. And the majority of us are not sitting on "mattresses stuffed with cash or War Chests of Money".

I also believe that if you reach your senior years, yes, though you may have experience, you lack the ability to stay in touch with reality--does your grandparents really understand the needs of this century's teens, or the needs of anyone under 40? Not really-lest the few that actually communicate and interact with their underlings. Do these politicians even know what the Majority of americans are facing? Hell no, they don't have to worry about mortgages, Health Care costs, or even the cost of bread and milk...

It just upsets me that there are so few decent jobs these days and simply if many of the AARP aged persons had actually laid out a better plan for retirement at an appropriate age there would be an abundance of excellent opportunities for so many americans that are hurting in todays economy.
Go buy your RV- and travel the country like you are supposed to do. PLay golf. Go visit your relatives and tell the same boring stories over and over. Go square dancing and all of the things that you always wanted to do--afterall you don't have to go to work--YOU ARE RETIRED!

Let's let the 30 and 40 year old's make some of the decisions--they are closer to being in touch than you oldsters.Hell they may actually get some of today's problems solved with up to date solutions!

END OF RANT----Sorry it just seems like everyone is too politically correct to point such idiocracies out.

you win a ride in the douche canoe.

"youth is so wasted on the young"
ignoring the wisdom of the elderly is what has fucked up our nation.

I will and have continued to hire people older than me (37) for the simple reason that they have ethics, a desire to produce, prompt, don't give bullshit excuses, have respect and know what it means to work for a paycheck.

no longer will I hire young fucking kids except to clean the bathroom. they are so filled with and expect to show up on friday to get a check after calling in sick all week. I have tried many a time to hire new grads, younger kids, etc. to give them a chance. you know what, they always fukc it up.
if you are losing your job opportunities to older folks, go blame your parents and yourself, not them.

sorry but the young kids of today simply don't want to hear the truth about what a bunch of fucked up lazy wasted sperm they and their parents are.

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