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Originally Posted by winters98tj View Post
You are young. You start your own business. It flourishes. You make a ton of money--more than you can ever spend. Now here's the question? Do you work at this success until you're dead? Or just into your 70's or 80's---cause your own kids are rich kid idiots.

Why does it matter? As far as rich kids idiots, that again depends on the family. I work for a privately owned company. There are a total of 6 kids who work here in one way or another. A couple of them couldn't hold a real job. But the rest do a damn good job and have the business ethics that their fathers did that made the company successful. I look around and can say that most of the kids are some of the hardest working people in the company.

Originally Posted by Bignred23 View Post
Yeah... It was just an idea dude, i wouldnt have posted it if i would have known it was going to bother you so much, sorry to ruin your day.
Anyways you are right, i don't know much about business, i am not a business major. I was just curious on what people thought about it
hahahaha....... you hardly have the ability to ruin my day. Sorry that if you post a stupid idea that someone will tell you it's stupid. Maybe instead I should just tell you to go stand in a corner for time out.
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