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Originally Posted by Bignred23 View Post
Oh i agree it is a more socialist approach. But for instance i think it would be a better setup at a couple jobs i have had because of the people running the business arent doing nearly as much to bring in customers as they should be. I wouldnt want the government in any of the business' elections tho. Trust me i can go on another rant about how the government has brainwashed us lol
Yeah, I can see where that would apply at McDonald's.

I'm guessing you don't have much experience with how business works. The reason the older people have more experience is because they have paid their dues. Do you really think they all bypassed starting at the bottom and working their way up the ladder? They just magically jumped to the CEO position? To be truthful, that's more prevalant now than in years past. A lot of companies are bypassing the older experienced people in favor of young college graduates that don't have a clue.

Get in line, pay your dues and if you're worth a shit, you will get the opportunity when it's available. If you don't have the patience, quit bitching about it and go start your own business to compete with them. After all, it's obvious you know how to do it better.
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