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Originally Posted by 3-foot View Post
I think this is the first time I can agree with you on something. But it's been going on for a lot longer than Reagan. I'd say the increase Government power has been going on at least since Wison and in my opinion since Lincoln.

I think where you and I are different is that I want to restrain the Government and you want to restrain business.
See? We CAN find common ground!

I think government and business are fast becoming one in the same. The latest Supreme Court ruling regarding corporate personhood really just made them the most powerful "people" in the country, and we have just been replaced as the constituents most worthy of concern.

I do believe that businesses should be prevented from ripping people off and polluting our environment. I'm so tired of people saying that environmental regulations hurt business when, back when I lived in California, I supported very large machining operations where our waste streams and environmental impact were substantial and highly regulated, and we not only made it work very well, but actually found ways to reduce our manufacturing issues and increase our profitability. Without the environmental compliance tasks we had to do, we would not likely have found these opportunities AND already have the infrastructure in place (because it had to be there for compliance tasks).

It's like when there was talk of an impending law to prohibit smoking in bars and the bar owners complained that it would hurt their business, but as it turns out it not only did not hurt them, but a large majority saw increases and it is believed that it is due to many people now going to bars where they didn't before because they coudln't stand the smoke.

"WE" have an obligation to not intentionally hurt others, to try to prevent accidental harm, and to pay (in some way) for our mistakes.

"WE" are the people.

"WE", according to the United States Constitution, are the government of this country, and "the government" to which you refer are merely our elected "REPRESENTATIVES" (not leaders... It says that nowhere in the Constitution).

"WE" should most certainly protect ourselves and our environment from harm, thus my belief that WE THE PEOPLE shoud REGULATE BUSINESS.
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