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Jamiesann, wasn't the Cole more due to the waters it was in? As in, they weren't allowed to fire unless first fired upon? Which they weren't really attacked until the boat exploded... but I at least know what you were getting at. Just saying, it was international policy that dictated that one.

Although the US has found a way around it somewhat... directional sound weapons. The such that the sound doesn't act like traditional speakers, as you can only hear it where it's being pointed and it doesn't dissipate over distance. They were saying you could warn a ship with it (as it's a non-lethal measure) by practically blowing out the eardrums off the assailants :p

Was watching something I think on the Discovery Channel about it. Think it even mentioned they want to use it in Iraq. Talk about a good way to disorient enemies to get the drop on them.
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