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Originally Posted by AGoodBuzz View Post
I think I tried to talk about this in another thread back when Bush was in office but everyone just jumped all over me, but if I'm right (and I usually am), Obama is just another in the line starting with Reagan and every one since on both sides of the aisle that is selling us out to the banksters. The goal is to create such a deep national debt that we are forced to declare force majeure. At that point, they own us. I think the party lines disappeared long ago boys, and "they" are trying to keep us fighting with each other while they take over the whole ball of wax.

I would rather fight them than you.

no. the problem is that the current democratic party members are the ever older flower children. they have destroyed this country with their utopic ideals that simply don't work when implemented. The marxist theory looks great on paper as well. they had this vision of what the U.S. should be like. now that vision is failing. what they though was a never ending supply of tax dollars to spend as they wish and help the lazy to their golden dream of entitlement, the apologetic guilt towards minorities who have self created the squalor they live in has ran us into the ground. now that they have done that, they realize it isn't working. BUT these people were feral from the get go. sweeping off the lessons of responsibility their parents tried to instill for free love and flower power, feel good for today and don't bring me down man. late in life they decided to get a biased liberal education to employ their failed utopic visions simply for the hope the people would fawn at their feet in thanks, providing them with their every wish.

unfortunately it's backfiring for them. confused their lifelong dream of everything free for everyone is so inbred they cannot envision anything else but that. having never learned the lessons of rejection or loss they insist on pushing the one and only idea they ever had because if it fails, they have failed. trust me. they will drag everyone down with them instead of admit they were wrong.

the good news is they have destroyed themselves in just over a year.
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