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Originally Posted by MetalOne21 View Post
i agree 100% ecept the always, i reflect how they treat me, come to me with a ligitimlet reason and i am nice as could be, the other night for expample i was arrested for a warrent, i missed a courtdate, and i was polite as can be and that proticular officer knows whats happened with this girl and he's more than willing to testify on my behalf as a char witness that i've had no dealings with her and stay away from her, and the fact that they lie and say they have a witness is overlooked completely, seems they should arrest her for making a false report if there was no damage done and no proof that he himself didnt drive his van over there on who knows what drugs
Nope, I said Always. I don't let how other people treat me effect how I treat them. Or At least I try not to. Chances are they were just doing their job. Plus, 9 in the morning! You should be up by then Anytime past 10 and it's a waste of a day!
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