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Originally Posted by MetalOne21 View Post
so this morning i'm woken up at 9am to the police tellin me they got a bunch of questions for me, i'm like go ahead i got no awnsers for you, but ask away...then hold on a sec lemme call my lawer, lawers says i have nothing to say. so the cops then say well then your under arrest.. i'm like ok lets go you gustopo mutherfukers, so by the end of the ride to the station i had this cop so pissed off both windows in the back were all the way down heat was blasting and stereo was all the way up...i was talking mad shit the whole way like what a bitch he is and is he fuckin my ex cause she seems to say jump and you say how high? we get to the station, they stick me in the bullpen for an hour till i flood the deck and pound on the wall for an hour, then without asking me anything they tell me to get my shit and get the fukc out, walk me out to the front and ask if i want a ride home to which i tell them to go fukc themselfs, i guess my ex girlfreinds van got draged about a mile away from her house and someone did some donuts in the yard, so one of her neighbors says they saw my truck there but couldnt identify me... and what makes it worse is they witness says i got in the bf's van and drove it off the cops are so stupid here, they still havent put together the pulling power of an 86 diesel 4x4 f250... so i never actually touched the truck, cause they told me they're gonna finger print the van and take tire long long storie short they never actually arrested me being they didnt finger print me or mug shot, i asked why and they said they have the info on file...lmao, i've been arrested more than a few times and never have i not gotten finger printed or mug shoted, so since then they've staked out my friends house for about an hour and then left without ever comming up to the door, so i just thought it was a funny story and i'm sure i missed some details but what a
Quoted for police to see.

Way to be a complete douchebag. Cops wouldn't have to do anything to you if you weren't doing something illegal. I hope your ass gets thrown in jail, and you get shanked repeatedly. It would only be fitting to a piece of trash like you.
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